RORC Caribbean 600

There are about eighty yachts from a total of thirty countries which have registered to be part of RORC Caribbean 600 regatta of 2017.

The venue for the regatta event is Antigua. It is expected that a fleet consisting of eighty yachts will be participating in the ninth edition of this event. A total of ninety sailors will sail in and race nonstop around a total of eleven Caribbean islands. The start and end destination would be Antigua. There would be Olympic medalist winners taking part in the event as well as passionate local sailors. There would also be celebrated participants like winners of the America’s Cup who would take part in this trophy race. The course of the race would be 600 miles long.

The RORC Caribbean 600 has certain distinct features that make it different from other 600 mile races. It is not a relaxing race in the Caribbean’s.

Those who would be witnessing the race will see high speed performances on the water that would involve tactical and technical skills. There would be stunning vistas that would make the scene of the regatta a scenic one as the boats tackle several unique water conditions and surrounding areas here. The tactical legs of the race are numerous as there are varying currents here that are wind driven along with different land effects that come into play along the race course. The challenges of this race can be compared to the Rolex Fastnet Race. It has been found that both races are similarly challenging. It is small wonder then that the forthcoming event this year has a record line of participants. Indeed, the challenges are what makes the race unique and what brings viewers from all over the world. There are several people who have already planned a trip to Antigua to view the race and be part of the regatta experience.