We Grew Each Day

To get success in Olympic level races, one needs to have a strong commitment. But, this is not true with Nikki Barnes along with Lara Dallman-Weiss. The USA open field for the event Women’s Two Person Dinghy has let a delayed start by the graduate of United States Coast Guard Academy 2017 Nikki Barnes and Lara Dallman-Weiss to be in the mix.

In the race, they will be competing with Atlantic sister teams Atlantic and Nora Brugman and Emma Cowles and Carmen to present the USA at Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but as of now, Dallman-Weiss and Barnes are holding a slight edge. Check out the latest update here,
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Starting New Period for Seaward Dashing

Once named as the Round Whitbread the Race of World from the period of 1973 to 1997 and the Race of Volvo Ocean that is from the period of 2001 to 2018, The Ocean Race is the debut, completely manned, seaward race on the planet, and an apex occasion in the game of sailing.

“This is a pivotal turning point for The Ocean Race,” stated the Managing Director Salen Johan. “We are eager to push ahead with another personality that mirrors the best of our legacy human desire, innovation, rivalry, and collaboration while including new components, similar to our center spotlight on manageability.”

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The New Structures Are Making Waves

Oh there we go, the fall and the yellow leaves are here, forget the leaves, now its winter time. It’s time now, that a lot of developments acquainted over the past few years and we have no doubt harvested few of the good new structures by taking inspirations and involving both the conventional and the modern parts of the past links and converging them into a boom. As of late, we have a fair amount of the brands and organizations working their ways and amending and creating offerings if distinct products. Isn’t clear? Do you want some much-needed examples?

Some of the examples include Hanse’s composite T-Top, Jeanneau’s slanting side decks and of course for those who love Yachts and voyages, we have to include X yacht’s new project X.

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Frithjof Kleen And Paul Goodison Winners Of 2017 Star Sailors League Finals (SSLF)

Frithjof Kleen (GER) and Paul Goodison (GBR) won the finals of Star Sailors League (SSL) in Nassau, Bahamas.

With racing happening in a balmy, near perfect 15 knots, conditions on Montagu Bay of Nassau’s, the Star Sailors League Final ‘take no prisoners’ shoot out on the last day saw the fleet seven teams after the Quarter Finals which reduced to four after the Semi-final round.

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Grant Simmer Joins BAR Team

Sir Ben Ainslie talks about having Grant Simmer on his team and how it made a difference. He feels that the chances of winning were increased more with Simmer’s expertise added to the team’s performance. Grant Simmer is four times America’ Cup champion and signing on Grant will help increase his team’s chances more for the upcoming America’s Cup in 2021 which would be held in New Zealand.

End of November Summer was announced to be chief executive of the Portsmouth team and he would replace Martin Whitmarsh who would head the BAR technology section. In the last America’s Cup that was concluded in June in Bermuda the New Zealand took away the trophy. Simmer has competed in as many as ten America’s Cup events and has won the international coveted trophy in sailing four times. This sixty year old sailor was also part of the Australia’s team in 1983 when they had won the Cup for the first time. This also indicates that Summer has departed and left a position empty in Larry Ellison’s team as he was general manager of the Oracle team. Hence, Larry would have to ensure that he has the right replacement to make sure that Simmer’s capabilities are replaced by someone equally experienced. This might be difficult to achieve, but there is still time for the team to be finalized.

Simmer was neighbor to Ainslie in the last Cup in Bermuda. He would be relocating to work with the team in Australia full time in the new year. Ainslie is confident of his commitment to the BAR project and in a long term manner. Though team members do change in every cycle, Ainslie hopes that Simmer would be a long term addition to the BAR and would help to come up with the right strategies that they need to put in place for the forthcoming 2021 race.